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Sliding Wardrobes

With the ability to manufacture sliding wardrobe doors and wardrobe interiors to any size, we can fit them virtually anywhere in your home.

The most common height is between 235-250cm and depth of 60-65cm, where the interior of the cabinet is 50-55cm and the rest is taken by the sliding door system. The minimum recommended depth of the wardrobes interior is 50cm due to the space needed for the hanging rod. With shallow wardrobes we recommend using a pull out hanger. The most common setup is a 3 door sliding wardrobe, minimum would be 2 doors and in a room with a chimney breast a 4 door wardrobes.
Our smart cabinets can be divided into several types;
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Built-in sliding wardrobes

usually mounted from wall to wall and floor to ceiling or from the wall to one end panel. This fitted wardrobe type usually does not require additional components such as back panels because these are created by the existing walls within the room.
Built-in sliding wardrobes photo

Free standing sliding wardrobes

A freestanding type of wardrobe with all external components such as end panels, raised plinth and back panel. Often,freestanding sliding wardrobes are not full height and width and overlay only a part of the wall. The advantage is that they can be reassembled and transferred to another room, or a new home.
Built-in sliding wardrobes photo

All our fitted sliding wardrobes can use different door systems such as sliding, folding or pivoting. Most importantly, these systems can be adapted in the same form and finish as other furniture without damaging the integrity or appearance.
Ceiling Sliding Wardobes photo
Sloped ceiling sliding wardrobes
These are found in the loft conversions or under stairs storage. A lot of our rooms have a little bit of sloped ceiling where these sliding wardrobes can be fitted with full interior access. We achieve this without adding unnecessary fillers to create a rectangular shape of the space to accommodate standard sliding wardrobes.

Sliding wardrobes with above doors storage

built in or full body, often is used when on the same wall room doors are present.
Sliding wardrobes - doors storage photo
This option allows us to create additional storage space above the doors either with sliding or hinged doors.

Corner sliding wardrobes

fitted in the room's corner, this sliding wardrobe can be built in or full body.
Corner sliding wardrobes photo
Comes with smart magnet inside sliding doors frame to keep them perfectly aligned at all times and provide corner storage solutions.

Broad amount of possible designs make this product one of a kind.
This solution allows you to design freely any interior without any hassle.
Creative and easy way to match hinged doors with sliding ones as both systems and shares the same door profile and door inserts.
No matter what shape your room is! Our slanted doors can work with one side sloped ceilings as well as two.
If you are looking to divide your living room or want to use top hung sliding doors, this is the place to start.
With this system of sliding doors customers have 100% access to the corner of the wardrobe.