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Hinged Wardobes photo

Hinged Wardrobes

Hinged wardrobe doors are mainly used where standard sliding doors cannot be fitted.

This includes spaces below 90cm in width. Hinged doors can be crafted from the same materials, as the sliding part of the wardrobe, so they blend in perfectly. They can be also considered as a separate solution for household furniture. Hinged wardrobe doors swing to open so, while the overall depth is less than the standard sliding wardrobe, the space required is usually more to take account of the door`s "swinging" space.
Either aluminium or steel sliding door frames can be used to build hinged doors. Our portfolio includes a few different systems for the production of these doors. This means, in some difficult situations both systems - sliding and hinged can be used on the same furniture, without loosing design integrity.
Hinged-wardrobes photo

Hinged-wardrobes photo

With our separate laminated doors we offer to customers a real treat

Recent collaboration with ProForm allows for even more sophisticated hinged doors designs which are manufactured for high grade MDF board in high gloss, matte or wood vinyl finishes. There are several dozen designs available, including closed or open work options. The same patterns can also be used to manufacture headboards, drawer fronts or decorative wall panels.


Hinged Wardobes photo

Broad amount of possible designs make this product one of a kind.
This solution allows you to design freely any interior without any hassle.
Creative and easy way to match hinged doors with sliding ones as both systems and shares the same door profile and door inserts.
No matter what shape your room is! Our slanted doors can work with one side sloped ceilings as well as two.
If you are looking to divide your living room or want to use top hung sliding doors, this is the place to start.
With this system of sliding doors customers have 100% access to the corner of the wardrobe.