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Corner Wardobes photo

Corner Wardrobes

We recently added new corner wardrobe doors to our sliding wardrobes offer.

Customers can choose from beautifully designed corner wardrobes. With this system clients can pick between inside or outside corner sliding wardrobes. The key element of this system is known as the Lazuryt aluminum profile. Komandor modified the Lazuryt profile to adopt a magnet inside the frame which allows corner set of doors to be held in place.

Corner Wardrobes photo

Corner wardrobe doors

fitted without a bottom track which increases usability especially within walk-in wardrobes. On the other hand it can be an effective way to partition the bed area from the sitting area in a studio flat or large room. Not relying on a bottom track means you do not have to worry about vacuuming and trip hazards.

Corner Wardrobes photo

The inside and outside corner system is a one of a kind solution

to corner storage problems. Imagine that with a corner sliding wardrobe you have both access and storage. What more you could ask for? If your room is the right size it is worth considering having one. It will definitely spice up any bedroom.
Corner Wardrobes photo

Having a corner wardrobe with Corner doors means the customer benefits from better access to dead space corner areas. Adding rounded hanging rails and shelves totally resolves this problem.
Corner Wardrobes photo

Broad amount of possible designs make this product one of a kind.
This solution allows you to design freely any interior without any hassle.
Creative and easy way to match hinged doors with sliding ones as both systems and shares the same door profile and door inserts.
No matter what shape your room is! Our slanted doors can work with one side sloped ceilings as well as two.
If you are looking to divide your living room or want to use top hung sliding doors, this is the place to start.
With this system of sliding doors customers have 100% access to the corner of the wardrobe.