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Partition Walls Storage photo

Partition Walls

The combination widely used in modern world by people around the world.

The Aurora partition wall system by Komandor has been designed for interior arrangement need, especially the need for smaller self contained spaces. From the very beginning Aurora systems divide rooms without taking natural light by using clear glass. Frosted glass can be used to create privacy.

With the use of aluminum and glass, it is possible to split a large space into smaller offices, meeting rooms, training rooms. Because of the glass, the entire office has access to natural light and gives the impression of space.
partition-walls storage photo
partition-walls storage photo

The Aurora system allows the use of 4mm, 6mm safety glass

or 24mm double glazed glass. Another great feature is the possibility of easily fitting all electrical equipment such as sockets, switches or any network cabling. Strong and sublime Aurora profiles allow for many interesting designs; build constructions from floor to ceiling with either sliding or standard hinged doors.
The Aurora system is an aesthetic way to divide almost any interior and it will work at home or in the office.
partition-walls Storage photo

thumb living room
As the center of family life this room deserves your special attention and can be fitted with bookshelves or a TV stands.
Fully fitted bedrooms with matching furniture will create an intimate and warm interior.
Can be built using our column system or rod system, perfect for organizing storage.
A colourful interior with smart accessible storage from our sliding wardrobes is a must.
A very popular way of adding much needed storage, see our way of organizing this space.