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Living Room Storage photo

Living Room

Living room - the centre of family life that deserves your special attention.

Depending on the vision of the owner and the layout, a living room can be filled with wardrobes, sofas, TV tables, bookcases, coffee tables or display cabinets.

A wide range of MFC boards allows the "merging" of room space and by selecting different door finishes you can emphasize and complement your furniture.

Adding a side table or a coffee table gives coherence of character to the interior. The sliding wardrobe does not have to be fitted in the whole part of the wall. Instead it can be constructed in an interesting way and blend in with open shelves, adding an open aspect to the space.
living room storage photo
living room storage photo

Matching add ons

such as curtains, vases, candles, plates mats, sofas and ottomans will add character to the room. Choose the things that go well together to create a place you will love to relax in after a hard day's work.
LED spot lights mounted in shelves or over the wardrobes can be combined with coloured glass panels or wood grain ones with deep structures to provide added shadows and reflections.
Living Room Storage photo
Need to divide the room?
Use our premium room dividing doors!
These doors come in a single or double insert construction which, allows us to use a different door design on both sides of the sliding door. If you cannot install top hung room dividers you can use a single track door in the aluminum Agat system. Please remember that with this system there is a need for a bottom sliding track.

thumb living room
As the center of family life this room deserves your special attention and can be fitted with bookshelves or a TV stands.
Fully fitted bedrooms with matching furniture will create an intimate and warm interior.
Can be built using our column system or rod system, perfect for organizing storage.
A colourful interior with smart accessible storage from our sliding wardrobes is a must.
A very popular way of adding much needed storage, see our way of organizing this space.