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Hallway Storage photo


Sliding doors are ideal for narrow hallways, corridors and in challenging places where conventional solutions fail.

Sliding wardrobe doors allow for the interior to accommodate outdoor-wear, footwear and accessories. Using a smart storage system we can utilize the space above the room doors, keeping the same style of finish, which allows for additional storage space.

In a situation when full access is needed to the inside of the cupboard, you have the chance to use the folding doors system.

This allows for arrangement of the interior in the cabinet without pull out collision of elements such as wire baskets or drawers.
hallway storage photo

The column system is an ideal way to set up a
"fast zone" for outdoor-wear for family
members and guests.

hallway storage photo

In larger halls separate fitted sliding wardrobes can accommodate additional furniture

such as sideboards or shoe changing cabinets, including quick access storage, chest of drawers or our own custom-made modular column system.
hallway storage furniture photo
hallway storage furniture photo

Hallway storage photo
Sometimes our sliding or folding doors
simply cannot be used.
In this situation we suggest using hinged doors in the finish and colours that matches your existing furniture.

Often we have to deal with an unusual space under the stairs

and here comes the handy the slanted doors system, which can be modified in any way allowing you to keep the whole design in the same arrangement.
hallway storage photo
hallway storage photo
thumb living room
As the center of family life this room deserves your special attention and can be fitted with bookshelves or a TV stands.
Fully fitted bedrooms with matching furniture will create an intimate and warm interior.
Can be built using our column system or rod system, perfect for organizing storage.
A colourful interior with smart accessible storage from our sliding wardrobes is a must.
A very popular way of adding much needed storage, see our way of organizing this space.