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Childrens bedroom Storage photo

Children's Bedroom

When designing the wardrobe for children's room you should try to match the child's character.

What can have positive impact on quiet children is not necessarily good for active ones who enjoy a dynamic and constantly changing environment. One thing is certain, this room cannot be boring. Our wardrobes solve the problem of constant mess in your kid's room. A divided interior should combine hanging and removable shelves for various types of toys that over time will be replaced by clothes. The addition of drawers for socks, underwear, hats and scarves and even kid's treasures is the perfect way to create a practical and entertaining room.

A made to measure wardrobe is generally not a small piece of furniture which can take most of the child’s room, so try to make it colourful, interesting and original. For the sliding doors material you can use coloured glass doors which has a safety back and is easy to keep clean. Children tend to draw on walls and play with stickers. With glass it is easy to remove all that art.
Childrens bedroom storage photo

Fitting a chest of drawers, bedside table and desk or fantasy bed with drawers is a great advantage.

Childrens bedroom storage photo

Bigger shelves are a great place for boxes with toys, plus a shelf on top of the wardrobe for seasonal things.

Childrens bedroom storage furniture photo

Childrens bedroom storage photo

A smart interior is key to quickly controlling the chaos.

Sliding wardrobes are easily reachable for kids, easy to open and close. The soft close system can be used for closing doors gently to avoid caught fingers. Remember that most children's closets are an artistic mess; things are flung in a random order. With sliding doors it is not a problem, you can be sure children`s toys will remain hidden.
Childrens bedroom storage photo
Childrens bedroom storage photo
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