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Bedroom furniture can be designed around the bed including a matching headboard with bedside tables, chest of drawers and dressing table.

Such an extensive range of equipment allows for any arrangement including matching the colour of the furniture. With the chance to purchase all the types of bedroom furniture in one place you can avoid spending hours shopping in various stores and purchasing a mishmash of styles.

Speaking of the bedroom we cannot forget the most important element: the bed. The main advantage of our beds is their flexibility in the arrangement of colours and design. They may be low, high or with the drawers in a raised frame.
bedroom storage photo
If you have other wardrobes at home which already store your outdoor-wear in a corridor, or a seasonal items in the attic, it's good idea to allocate your bedroom wardrobe for larger shelves, drawers, short and long hanging, to accommodate towels, blankets, bed sheets, underwear, shirts, dresses and shoes.

bedroom storage photo

It is often the bedrooms that are the small rooms.

Here the ideal solution is to build in the wardrobe with sliding doors that do not need a space between the bed and the actual wardrobe to open, as is has the place with traditional hinged door cabinets.
bedroom storage furniture photo

bedroom storage photo
Larger bedrooms are ideal for the creation of the
a walk in wardrobe.
When designing your walk in wardrobe you must remember to leave at least 1 meter square space between the carcasses for free movement. More space will allow for more freedom and even perhaps a footstool where you can sit to put on your shoes.

Walk in wardrobe shaped like the letters "U", "L" or "G" is a practical way to create separation.

It can have everything from the shelves for shoes, drawers for underwear, towel racks, hooks for ties and belts, hanging outdoor-wear, storage for sportswear and even accommodating a dressing area with makeup accessories. Recently we added the possibility of illuminated LED drawers with a movement sensor.
bedroom storage photo
bedroom storage photo
thumb living room
As the center of family life this room deserves your special attention and can be fitted with bookshelves or a TV stands.
Fully fitted bedrooms with matching furniture will create an intimate and warm interior.
Can be built using our column system or rod system, perfect for organizing storage.
A colourful interior with smart accessible storage from our sliding wardrobes is a must.
A very popular way of adding much needed storage, see our way of organizing this space.