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Your bathroom is where you can make a big splash

but bathrooms are not only for your own private indulgence. You get to provide a luxury experience for your family and friends when they come to visit, so it an important room that is well worth investing in.

When most people think about what they want to put into their bathroom, they only consider the suit, usually just the toilet, bath and sink.
Bathroom Storage photo
This means they miss an incredible opportunity to integrate intelligent storage solutions into their bathrooms, which can keep them neat and modern-looking in style, but are also efficient in meeting your storage needs.


Our custom bathroom cabinets are fully water-proofed

we use MFC board either spray-painted or foil-wrapped to keep the material watertight with doors that are treated in the same way with the option of a mirrored or lacquered glass finish. This means our customers get the convenience and quality we achieve in all our made-to-measure storage products, alongside the durability and resilience they would expect in any lasting bathroom suit.

Bathroom Storage photo

Customised bathrooms is where we really measure up to the challenge

bathrooms are crucial to the well-being of any household, yet they are often one of the smallest rooms found in properties. This means maximising the space available can be more important in the bathroom than any other room for functionality as well as luxury. We offer a variety of bespoke wall fixed cabinets as well as bi-folding and hinged doors so larger bathrooms can be partitioned. Ingenious sliding door systems allow our customers to be creative with the space they have available so they can really create a wow-factor that is both visual and practical.
Bathroom storage furniture photo
Bathroom storage furniture photo

Bathroom Storage photo

A room for showing off your creativity in design

We have a variety of styles, options and colours to suit any design taste. From simple and minimal designs with conservative colours to complex storage systems in bold and striking colours we have the solution to suit you and to complement the suit you have chosen in your home.
Bathroom Storage photo
Bathroom Storage photo
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