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Heliodor System

Sliding Wardrobes World are committed to bringing the latest in wardrobe technology to British consumers.

With that in mind, we are proud to present the new Heliodor system with Comfort Touch from Komandor. Heliodor sliding doors feature either no visible frames or frames that are extremely slim and it is available in natural andonised silver and champagne finish. The system allows storage space to be incorporated into walls in an elegant, minimalist fashion.

Stylish & Functional

For modern interior designs, Heliodor is perfect. It can incorporate a wide range of different door styles, including various woods, mirrored doors and matte and gloss colour. This allows Heliodor systems to be used in all sorts of different rooms. Whether you need storage space in your bedroom, bathroom, study or loft, a Heliodor system could be an ideal solution.
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The Fantastic Comfort Touch...

All Heliodor systems are equipped with Comfort Touch in order to allow them to be opened with a push of the hand. This makes the system a luxurious addition to a room. It is also a practical means of allowing people with disabilities to open their wardrobes and cupboards without unsightly aids.
The Comfort Touch system adds to the luxurious feel of Heliodor doors by allowing people to open them with a gentle push.
When closed, the doors slide to a gentle halt with the inbuilt soft close function.
heliodor overall concept

Compared to traditional sliding doors, Heliodor allows for clean lines that integrate into the design of a room. This helps interior designers to produce a slick, modernist look.
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A perfect choice for your Bedroom...
In a bedroom, the Heliodor system could be used to include a wardrobe. In an attic, the system could be used to incorporate storage in the eaves while maximising the available space left in the room by eliminating swing doors.

The sliding doors would also make a stylish linen cupboard in a corridor where swing doors would impinge on the available space.

Great in your Living Room...

The Heliodor system can be used to conceal audio visual equipment. It could also house a drinks cabinet, or bookshelves.
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All of the clutter that typically lies around your living spaces can be stored neatly away, allowing the design of the interior of your home to shine.

Clever solution for any interior...

The list of uses for sliding door systems around the home goes on and on. For a utility room, it could be used as a stylish way to add in storage for cleaning
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utensils and products. If you'd like to know anything about how you could use Komandor's Heliodor system in your home then please don't hesitate to get in touch.