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frequently asked questions

What is the maximum height and lenght of a fitted wardrobe?
Coloured and frosted glass doors can be up to 2500mm high as a plain doors, when divided can be as high as 2750mm. Maximum height for all MFC board doors along with mirror glass is 2750 without any splits. With ceilings higher than these dimensions use height reducers. Lengthwise our wardrobes can be up to 5 meters long in aluminium and 5,5 meters long using the steel system on a single track. If the fitted sliding wardrobe has to be longer we can use an end panel and the continue with the second track.
Do you offer matching bedroom furniture?
Yes, we do offer very a wide range of additional furniture in matching colour and design. Customers can choose from matching bedside tables, chests of drawers, slatted bed bases with matching headboards, dresser units or all sorts of shelvings. With all these options you also get the choice of any size.
Will you install sliding wardrobe for me?
Yes we will install your fitted sliding wardrobe. Because our wardrobes are made to measure and require additional fitting at our customers` homes, a service which is provided by our dedicated fittering team.
Will my wardrobe be fitted to existing walls?
Most of our wardrobes are fitted to existing walls. Depending on the design customers can order a freestanding wardrobe which will not be fixed to any walls. However, we reccommed back panels are not fitted, because in some cases damp may develop behind fully fitted wardrobe.
Do your wardrobes have back panels?
Nowadays fitted wardrobes tend to come without back panels. Often the back walls of buildings room acts as a back wall for the wardrobe. If you prefer to have a matching colour back panel for your wardrobe simple ask your designer to add one.
How long do I have to wait for my wardrobe?
We aim for between four and five weeks for your order to be delivered and fitted. When we have your order ready in warehouse we will call in to arrange the date and time for delivery and fitting.
How long it will take to fit my wardrobe?
Usually our fitters are able to finish fitting in one day. In rare cases where this will not be possible, the team will advise you and will come back next day to finish fitting.
How strong are shelves inside the wardrobe?
We use 18mm MFC board with 2mm PVC edge. Depending on the width of the shelve they can take up to 30kg.
For heavy loaded shelves we reccommed using an 28mm thick shelf or even a 36mm one if required. Our designer will advise you at design visit of best possible option.
Are your wardrobes expensive?
Because all our furniture is made to measure to your specifications with a variety of possible finishes, it's sometimes hard to predict how much an end product would cost. The best way to find out is to call in to the showroom or arrange a designer visit. After this you will receive a printed design with quote.
Where can I find photos of your creations?
All our customers creations are constantly updated on our Facebook and Flickr page and from time to time we are posting on our YouTube page. You can also follow us on Twitter.
What is the minimum depth required?
A standard minimum depth can be set at 60cm ( 23,5 inch ) mark, this will leave 50cm inside and is the recommended minimum for an average clothes hanger. With shallower spaces we can use pull-out hangers which allow to hang back-to-front. We would not recommend going over 70cm in depth as this will create a very deep shelf which will require bigger spaces in between for easier access.
What is the warranty period?
Sliding Wardrobes World Ltd offers 5 years warranty on all sliding door systems. All other components as shelves, accessories, LED lights are under 1 year warranty.
What is the process of buying a new sliding wardrobe?
Most of our customers begin by obtaining a price estimate for their new fitted sliding wardrobe. If you have the measurements of your available space and an idea of storage needs we can provide an indication of the price over the phone or you can obtain one by visiting our store.

To obtain an accurate price one of our designers will have to visit your home and discuss your storage needs. They will also produce a design of your sliding doors and other matching furniture such as beds, headboards, bedside tables, dressers and chest of drawers. To book a design appointment please call 0121 386 5906 or fill in the booking form.

On the day of the visit, our designer will design your furniture in CAD software at your home where you have a chance to make all alternations on the go with real time design update. If you wish to proceed with the design, the designer will print your order for signature and will provide you with all payment details along with required deposit. The designer will inform you of the approximate lead time for your order.

Prior to delivery and fitting you will be contacted to book a convenient time for your order to be delivered and installed the same day. If more time is needed our fitters will inform you on the fitting day. Usually it takes whole day to complete installation. When the fitting is finished you will be asked to check your new furniture and pay the balance. Your VAT receipt will be sent via an email message or by post if requested.
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