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Which room should you prioritise when buying sliding door storage solutions? photo

Which room should you prioritise when buying sliding door storage solutions?

Published - 04 Mar 2016
Sliding door storage solutions (such as our range of sliding wardrobes) are an amazing way to free up space in every room of your home. However, installing sliding wardrobes in all your rooms would require a significant investment. While we endeavour to ensure our prices are always reasonable, we understand that not everyone can afford to have our wardrobes and storage units installed everywhere simultaneously. If you can only afford to fit out one room for the time being, which one should you prioritise?
One option is to invest in fitting your bedroom with sliding wardrobes. It is very important to have an uncluttered bedroom, as clutter can cause stress on a subconscious level. Using a space-efficient wardrobe to optimise the way you use space in your bedroom can make the room appear larger and tidier, thereby allowing you to de-stress more easily and get a better night’s sleep. We suggest prioritising the installation of sliding door units in the bedroom if you currently have difficulty sleeping or are stressed out by the clutter in your bedroom.

Alternatively, you may wish to focus on installing sliding door units in your loft. Many people use their lofts as extra rooms for storing items. Units with sliding doors can allow you to stow items in your loft more efficiently, allowing you to fit more in. This means that the rest of your house will be less cluttered overall. We suggest focusing on the loft if you have a lot of possessions scattered around your house that need to be stored.

Finally, you may prefer to prioritise installing our solutions in your kitchen. Because you have to use the kitchen to prepare food and carry out other day-to-day tasks, it is very important that it offers you enough space to move freely. If you use your kitchen on a daily basis and find it a little cramped, our fitted sliding door storage units can help you optimise the available space. 

Of course, sliding wardrobes and our other units can be used in rooms other than those that we have listed here. However, if you have a limited budget, it makes sense to choose one of the three rooms we have discussed. This is because installing sliding door storage solutions in these rooms offers palpable benefits; installing our units in your bedroom can help you sleep better, while putting them in the loft can free up space throughout your home and fitting them in the kitchen can make it easier to use the room for practical purposes. Whichever room you choose to prioritise, we have the perfect sliding storage solutions for you.