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What do I wear?

Published - 21 Dec 2016
Male or female, office worker or retail assistant, it seems that we all face one particular problem each morning, ‘what to wear’. After checking our weather apps, having a quick glance out the window and looking blankly at our wardrobes for who-knows-how-many-minutes, a new study has revealed that we spend an average of 17 minutes per day deciding what to wear.
Conducted by Marks & Spencer, the study asked 2,000 men and women how long they spend getting ready in the mornings, with 62% of women admitting that they’ve had ‘irrational tantrums’ due to the building frustration of this morning ritual. 1 in 5 men admitted to this behaviour, while 15% said that the need to make a decision on what to wear ruins their mood, and one in ten regularly arrive late to work because of the ongoing struggle to find that shirt that says I’m calm or those shoes that make you walk like a boss!
According to the same study, only 44% of one’s wardrobe is made up of regularly worn items. So what the hell are you doing with the other 66%? Well, as you’re personal wardrobe therapist, there is only one prescription for those irrational morning tantrums … a clean out. 
Here are some handy tips to get you started:
  • Separate your clothes by seasons. Put the off-season pieces in clothing storage bags at the top of your wardrobe or even under you bed to free up more space and declutter your wardrobe.
  • Ask yourself a few simple questions when it comes to particular pieces, such as Does it fit me? Do I like how I look and feel when I wear it? 
  • Instead of organising your wardrobe by colour, try sorting it by occasion, such as workwear, weekend wear and evening wear. This will save you time as you’ll know exactly where to look in your wardrobe, when!