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Wardrobe Accessories that will change everything photo

Wardrobe Accessories that will change everything

Published - 20 Sep 2016
Wardrobe accessories and customisation provides so much more variety than many people know. Forget the frustration with tripping over loose ties on the bedroom floor or having to frantically re-iron a pair of trousers before work; these wardrobe accessories will make all your storage dreams come true!

Shoe racks
It’s about time the mound of shoes in your wardrobe was sorted out and as well as the conventional shoe shelves, shoe racks are an ideal addition to your shoe repertoire. Shoe racks can hold up to six pairs of shoes and had the moulded fitting that will keep all of your best pairs looking structurally splendid!

Belt and tie hangers
If you’re sick of seeing belts and ties hung over the door, on the wardrobe’s door handle or even over the end of the bed frame, specifically designed belt and tie hangers might be a beneficial accessory in your household. Mounted to one of the side walls in your wardrobe, the belt and tie hangers take up very little room, and a full extension option allows it to be installed in a narrow space. These genius inventions can accommodate up to 11 ties and six belts, so you won’t have to worry about tripping over them ever again!

Trouser hangers
How many times have you spent a whole Saturday washing and ironing all the clean trousers, even neatly hanging them ready for the week ahead, then when you’ve gone to put them on, they’re all creased? I’ve found myself throwing ten-year-old tantrums in the morning because of it! Trouser hangers are sturdy and separated perfect distance apart to ensure the trousers stay pristine until you’re ready to wear them! The rods also have a non-slip rubber to prevent the clothes from falling. 


In-built laundry bags
I do have to admit, there are some very fashionable and trendy laundry bags on the market that you’d want to show off but I still can’t reconcile the notion of having dirty clothes on show for everyone to see (and smell, depending on what adventurous activities you’ve been doing over the last few days!). Laundry baskets inbuilt into your wardrobe are an ideal way to keep your bedroom or laundry space clutter free and dirty clothes out of sight. The laundry bag is made of canvas as to allow for efficient air circulation. The bag can also easily be removed to launder it when needed.

Pull down hangers
Floor-to-ceiling wardrobes are exquisite but I’m five foot two inches and there is no way that I would be able to reach anything at the top of the closet without a ladder! Pull down hangers solve all those problems though and can be used to hang just about anything! They are also ideal for disabled persons with little mobility.
Whether you’re looking to install a brand new sliding wardrobe or add some of these wardrobe accessories to an existing storage space, it’s all possible! So, what are you waiting for!?