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Walk-in vs sliding door wardrobes photo

Walk-in vs sliding door wardrobes

Published - 04 Nov 2016
You see them in all the Hollywood movies … over-the-top, luxurious walk-in wardrobes that have remote-controlled drawers and are the size of a large bathroom. Remember that scene in Princess Diaries 2 when she compares her new closet to her “own shopping mall”? What about Carrie Bradshaw’s remodeled walk-in in the Sex in the City movie? George Wade’s closet in 2 Weeks Notice? Or Cher Horowitz’s colour-coordinated collage in Clueless? There are so many examples and they all suggest that a walk-in wardrobe the size of a small boutique is the only way to feel like a princess or be the most fashionable woman in town. But, does it actually offer you more storage space?
I’m not going to deny that a walk-in wardrobe wouldn’t be a nice addition to my house, however the reality is, that I could put that space to a lot better use! I could have an ensuite bathroom, make the second bedroom bigger, or increase the size of the main bathroom to make room for a separate shower and freestanding bath; all of which would dramatically increase the value of my home much more than a walk-in closet! And imagine the bubble baths in that freestanding, claw-foot tub!
Recently, amid a conversation with a girlfriend over coffee and cake, we got onto the subject of wardrobe space and I asked how much difference there would actually be between a walk-in wardrobe and a sliding wardrobe that spans the length of a bedroom wall? I think you’ll be surprised to know that there’s not much in it! 

Sliding Wardrobe World provides custom sliding wardrobes that will make the most of any space. Combined with an endless array of storage solutions and wardrobe accessories, from shoe racks to pull-down hangers and personalised drawer configurations, your wardrobe will not only make the most of every nook and cranny, it will also be tailored to suit you! Now that’s what I call luxury!