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Turn that boxroom into a walk-in wardrobe photo

Turn that boxroom into a walk-in wardrobe

Published - 13 Apr 2016
You might think that walk-in wardrobes are the preserve of the rich and famous, but if you have a boxroom that sits unloved and full of junk, you have the potential to give your garments room to breathe and to create the dressing room of your dreams. 
Komandor specialises in bespoke furniture for hotels, offices and high-end residences, so don’t worry about the fit and finish. Just know that you will get the ultimate walk-in wardrobe that will make you the envy of your friends and could even be a selling point for the house when you come to leave. 

Boxrooms are part of British life, but none of us seem to know how to use them effectively; converting yours into a dramatic dressing space could be the perfect concept you have been looking for. 
Show off your clothes and shoes and make getting ready to go out that little bit easier. Rest assured your system will be designed around you so that it will be the most convenient wardrobe you have ever owned. A walk-in wardrobe is more about the prestige, though - the feel good factor that goes with breezing into an entire room lined with your clothes. It is total freedom, ease and relaxation.
You can get creative with a Proform or Artglass film, or opt for traditional wood or a range of laminates that will blend in with the look and feel of your house. You can incorporate a full dressing table, a mirror, lights and more into the set-up - if you can imagine it then you can have it.

Your walk-in wardrobe can free up a vast amount of bedroom space, too, so you can ditch the wardrobes altogether or simply opt for super storage beds to give yourself stowage space for sheets and some clothing. This will open up your bedroom, give you much more space to play with and add a luxury look to your home.
You will feel the benefit of the walk-in wardrobe and it could turn a relatively cramped bedroom into an oasis of calm, which has to be worth it in the long run.