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Transform your loft with light colours and savvy storage photo

Transform your loft with light colours and savvy storage

Published - 07 Apr 2016
If you're converting your loft, it's time for it to be transformed from a dumping ground to a fabulous space. The key to kitting out any good loft conversion is to ensure your new room has a spacious feel. To do that, you need smart storage solutions.
Here are our tips on keeping your loft light, airy and clutter-free:

1. Fit storage to the shape of your room - you might need to fit storage under the eaves, or between beams or skylights. Fitted solutions are far better for an unusually-shaped room than stand-alone wardrobes which take up more space and leave awkward little empty spots which can't be used.
2. Think mirrors - mirrored wardrobes bounce light back into your room and make it seem larger as well as brighter.

3. Be ruthless with sorting your clutter - fill three boxes: keep, donate to charity, and take to the tip. Don't let yourself keep everything because it's easier than sorting it out, or because everything has sentimental value. If you haven't touched it in two years, why are you keeping it? Make a memories box for the really sentimental possessions, and deal with the rest.
4. Cull your wardrobe - if you haven't worn it in a year, donate it. If it doesn't fit, donate it. If it's broken beyond repair, could it be cut up for quilt material or dusters? 

5. Choose light colours - light-coloured or white furniture and light-coloured walls keep a spacious feel in a room. If you want to inject pops of strong colour, do that with bedding, cushions, or curtains.
6. If your loft will be your new office, choose a desk and chair that ensure you have the best back support and enough clearance for your legs under the desk. Many people are now choosing desks which are adjustable to use both sitting and standing. Take a look at the lighting to make sure you can work comfortably on a computer without glare.

Our Sliding Wardrobes World column and rod systems can be adapted to create storage solutions in rooms with sloping ceilings and angles. We can also fit tailored solutions for your home with Artglass and Proform sliding doors. We offer sloped-back wardrobes to fit unusual spaces too. All our sliding wardrobes are custom-made to your specifications. See our range for lofts here