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Transform your child's bedroom with a new wardrobe photo

Transform your child's bedroom with a new wardrobe

Published - 20 Apr 2016
Children’s bedrooms can be scary places. The trip hazards of discarded toys, the mysterious smells of long-forgotten food… parents can find their young one’s room is a place where visitors are not allowed. A simple children’s wardrobe could be the start of a new family routine which transforms the chaos into a bedroom to be proud of. 

Start by picking the right piece of furniture. Here at Sliding Wardrobes World we can create items to your exact specifications so make sure you choose something which will fit neatly into the space available. Think about how it will be used: do they need a shelf for shoes, maximum hanging space or lots of room for bulky items? Once you’ve got the dimensions sorted, why not get your child to help select the finish? If they feel like they had some say in this new part of their room, they’re much more likely to take pride in it. 
It can be tempting to go for novelty pieces which are themed with the current craze. Why not save money long term by selecting something classic which will last, and give them the option of using carefully selected posters to decorate if they really insist on a cartoon theme. That way, they can really make it feel like their own space while being able to change it easily when the next fad comes along. 

Once you’ve got your children’s wardrobe in place, create a system. While it might seem over the top at first, ensuring that the wee one knows exactly where t-shirts, socks and shoes all live will make putting things away in the right places easier. You could add removable labels to each area of the wardrobe to start with to make sure everything stays clear. 

Finally, keep on top of it. An uncluttered room is a more relaxing place for bedtime stories and deep sleep, so make sure each day ends with everything tucked up in the wardrobe. If everything has a place, there’ll soon be no excuses for the random bits scattered over the carpet and you can stop dreading standing on an awkward toy in the middle of the night. 
Make a plan of what you need your children’s wardrobe to do, and start by looking around our website for inspiration. Good luck!