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Tips for oriental room decor with sliding door wardrobe photo

Tips for oriental room decor with sliding door wardrobe

Published - 19 Nov 2014
frosted-transparent-glass-photoOriental sliding door wardrobes
One of the key items of furniture that can help you accomplish this look is a sleek set of fitted sliding wardrobes. Our chic linear ranges are particularly popular with people looking to create a simple, minimal oriental look. Choose a laminated panel wood, coloured glass or gloss panelled finish for an authentic oriental feel and don’t be afraid to inject a little colour. The sliding doors mimic the walls and doors used in oriental homes and the fitted wardrobes themselves provide discreet and stylish storage; there is a range of shelving and rail options available to suit your clothing collection. 
Oriental beds – often referred to as platform or floating platform beds – are another central component of an oriental boudoir. These beds are very low rise; so much so that many designs will see you sleeping comfortably just inches off the floor. Choose a low wooden bed that matches the gloss or panels of your wardrobe or opt to tie in the oriental theme by selecting blossom printed linen. 
proform-panelsPanels and screens
Partitions and screens have long been used to divide rooms into different areas of use – separating dressing and sleeping zones with prettily decorated panels. Alongside free-standing screens, you may want to consider introducing decorative wall panels, which work well as a feature above the bed. Choose a traditional Japanese or Chinese print to complement the colours of your walls and floors, or think about using contrasting block colours or a western-style design to merge influences and create your own unique look. 
frosted-transparent-glass-lantern-lightLantern lights
Oriental design features a very distinct type of lighting, with paper or glass lanterns frequently hanging from the ceiling. Choose an embellished shade, or several in different colours, to brighten the space. Box lights decorated with scenes from nature or blossom prints can be used as bedside lamps or as large, free-standing decorative items within a room. 
Finishing touches
Oriental vases, handmade rugs, elaborate mirrors, fans and hanging birdcages are all items that can add interest to eastern-inspired interiors. If you’re lucky enough to have visited the East and have brought back some of these objects or printed textiles, try using them as the starting point for the colours and shapes within your bedroom. If you’d prefer to create a more eclectic, bohemian bedroom, rather than a uniform oriental look, adding a few of these finishing touches along with furniture staples (such as sliding door wardrobes or a platform bed) will allow you to introduce oriental nuances.
These are just a few simple elements to introduce into your own oriental-inspired boudoir. For those looking for real-life design examples, try searching ‘oriental bedroom’ on Houzz and Pinterest and make your own moodboard. Why not start by pinning your favourite oriental style sliding door wardrobes from our website.