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Think you haven't got space for a walk-in wardrobe? Think again! photo

Think you haven't got space for a walk-in wardrobe? Think again!

Published - 12 Jan 2016
Who doesn't dream of a decadent walk-in wardrobe with endless storage, rail upon rail, floor to ceiling mirrors and shoe-slots galore? For many of us living in modern housing, having a walk-in storage space is just a dream, a luxury for the rich and famous, a fabulous fancy. If your current drawers and wardrobes are bursting at the seams, however, it may surprise you to discover that there are many ways in which a walk-in wardrobe can be incorporated into your home. Intelligent design, hidden storage solutions and savvy planning mean that that designer dream may be closer than you imagine! Here's how you can create an efficient walk-in space that is practical and looks great.

Convert a spare room
A walk-in wardrobe traditionally allows enough space for at least one person to comfortably walk through and use. Many modern homes do not have bedrooms large enough to facilitate this, however, which is why more and more people are choosing to convert a spare or "box" room. Your perfect walk-in wardrobe can then be tailored to your needs, with organised storage so you can find things when you need them. By having a designer, made-to-measure walk-in wardrobe, the space can be maximised, even in awkwardly-shaped rooms, with angled-ceilings and minimal floor area.

Partition at the end of your bed
If you don't want to give up your spare room, which many of us just can't justify, you can create a great walk-in space in your master bedroom by creating a partition wall, open at each end at the end of your bed. You then have a corridor behind your bed, with ample room for rails, shelving and shoe storage. Hang a good quality wallpaper to the front wall and let your new walk-in wardrobe become the main feature of your master suite! 

L-shaped walk-in
An open, L-shaped wardrobe in your master bedroom may not look like a traditional walk-in, however, it is a great way of maximising space and combining function and practicality. With an open wardrobe, everything has a place, meaning those chaotic mornings spent searching for a crumpled shirt in the bottom of your old wardrobe are a distant memory.
Here at Sliding Wardrobes World, we have many years of experience in providing a first-class design and installation service and the quality of our Komandor sliding-door systems are second-to-none. If you are thinking about creating a walk-in wardrobe space in your home, give us a call. We are confident we can help you: there are no problems, only solutions.