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The unsung benefits of mirrored sliding wardrobes photo

The unsung benefits of mirrored sliding wardrobes

Published - 03 Nov 2015
Whether installing them in the bedroom, hallway or any other room in the house, mirrored sliding wardrobe doors can add a range of stylish, practical elements to a room that go beyond the more obvious uses you may be able to imagine.
Here are a few of the main benefits having a reflective surface on your wardrobe can bring.

1. It makes the room look bigger
Although we all know it's merely a reflection, the fact that people see the room stretching in both directions - even if they can only walk so far in one - genuinely makes the area look a lot bigger than it actually is. This psychological trick can make you feel less cramped while in a relatively small place.

2. It can attract attention
Whereas even the most eloquent modern wardrobe can pass by a guest's eye very easily, a mirrored surface always catches someone's attention. Likely influenced by a natural instinct to react inquisitively towards our own reflection, it is clear to anyone who has decorated a room with mirrored sliding wardrobe doors that they are a source of interest for everyone who passes them. It stands to reason that if you're looking to decorate in a way which is unusual and interesting, there are few better approaches to take.

3. You can personalise the style
It is a common misconception that if you opt for a mirrored sliding wardrobe, you are stuck with a single uniform design. You are, in fact, able to personalise many aspects of it, from the shape and diameters of the panels to the choice of finishing along the tracks. You can also branch out into a diverse range of glass types, from lacquered and decorative to coloured and even partly frosted mirrors.

4. It has practical uses beyond storage
It may be obvious, but such points must be included - mirrored wardrobes have practical uses ordinary wardrobes don't, namely their reflective surfaces. Whether it's practising yoga or meditation, or merely getting ready in the morning, you will thank yourself later for having this added benefit as it opens up so many conveniences that ordinary sliding wardrobes cannot provide.

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