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The many advantages of custom-made wardrobes photo

The many advantages of custom-made wardrobes

Published - 23 Feb 2016
Here at Sliding Wardrobes World, we craft all our sliding wardrobes and storage solutions according to our customers’ specifications. Each of our wardrobes is unique because each of our customers is unique; we believe that custom-made wardrobes are superior to prefabricated wardrobes and flat-pack wardrobes in a number of ways.

1. Custom wardrobes fit better
Pre-made sliding wardrobes and flat-pack sliding wardrobes aren’t designed to fit precisely into the spaces available in your home. After all, the shape and dimensions of your home are unique but pre-made and flat-pack wardrobes aren’t because they’re mass-produced. In contrast, our custom-made sliding wardrobes can be fitted into the space you have available. By using the available areas in your home as efficiently as possible, the wardrobes can provide you with additional storage space. What’s more, because they can be tucked neatly into your home’s alcoves or nooks, they make your home appear more spacious.

2. Customers can select any style they wish
When you buy a mass-produced wardrobe, you have to choose one of the styles that are available for the size of wardrobe you require. But when you order one of our custom-made sliding wardrobes, you can choose any style you wish. We can craft a wardrobe of any size in whichever style you choose.
3. Custom wardrobes simply look better
Mass-produced wardrobes can sometimes become damaged or scuffed while in the store or while being transported to your home. Our custom-made sliding wardrobes are made for you when you order them, which means that there are fewer opportunities for them to become damaged. Our custom-made wardrobes always look pristine once we have installed them. They also look neater because they can be fitted precisely into whatever spaces are available for them.

We take pride in our high-quality custom-made sliding wardrobes here at Sliding Wardrobes World. We believe that custom-made storage solutions like ours are more space-efficient, better-looking and more versatile than ordinary mass-produced wardrobes. If you need a new wardrobe, don’t settle for a pre-made or flat-pack solution, invest in one of our beautiful, spacious custom wardrobes instead.