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The biggest interior trends of 2017 photo

The biggest interior trends of 2017

Published - 15 Mar 2017
Looking for the latest trends in interior design? Wondering how to bring your home up to date? Read on for a quick look at the biggest trends that are emerging already.

Green: bringing the outside in

Not only is Pantone's Colour of the Year 2017 a bright shade of green, known simply as Greenery, but an embrace of botanical and nature-inspired trends are all leading decor styles in the same direction; bringing the outside in. Ways to get on board with this trend include buying large indoor plants, refreshing walls with green paint and using botanical inspired print wallpaper. 
Bespoke furniture
Interior trends may adapt and evolve, but one thing stays the same and that's the demand for quality, bespoke furniture, which is higher than ever. This kind of furniture works around you and your family's lifestyle rather than the other way around. Bespoke, made to order furniture is a massive trend for the upcoming year as we see city dwellers try to make better use of smaller areas and a move toward seamless, matching furniture systems across the home.

Foldaway furniture
Also in response to smaller rooms and living spaces, we will see more and more foldaway furniture in use. This once just related to beds, but now also includes wall-mounted desks, tables and believe it or not, foldaway kitchens!

Cork everywhere
Yes that once so-seventies choice of material is making a well deserved comeback. The benefits of cork are that it is hard-wearing, breathable and light. Expect to see cork everywhere from flooring, shelving and lampshades. Cork looks beautiful when used with other raw materials such as brass or concrete. 
The smarter home
We're not talking about buying more books here, but about more and more 'smart' gadgets that are connected to the internet via WiFi or Bluetooth, which will continue to make inroads into every part of our lives. Integrated speakers, smart fridges and cookers you can adjust from your phone; this is one of the most exciting areas of interior design this year! 
From jungle-inspired greenery to bespoke furniture and smart gadgets that work around you, the hottest trends for the upcoming year are out now. Essentially it sees a contrast of the use of raw materials and nature-inspired colours along with state of the art technology.