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Storing your TV in style photo

Storing your TV in style

Published - 18 Jul 2016
It's a very common tale when it comes to interior design. You've spent weeks or even months planning and delivering a beautifully designed living space which gives you a great deal of pride in your home. Then, as you've finished all the painting and decorating, and begin to move and arrange all of your possessions in the room, you realise there's one thing you forgot to take into account, which can spoil your entire vision.
Yes, that's right. It's your TV. 
In fact, it's perhaps not only your TV, because many homes nowadays have an entire media hub of their own which includes games consoles, speakers, broadband boxes, and maybe even a DVD or Blu-ray player as well. All of these items can add up to one messy and incongruous sight, which is completely out of keeping with your carefully designed room.

That's why you should take the time to find the perfect TV storage unit for your home and your equipment.
There used to be a very limited number of options available for TV storage. These were either over the top cabinets which were unconvincingly aged, or units so angular and modern that they did nothing but make your TV seem even larger and more imposing than it did before. However, now you can find a huge variety of storage units in different designs and colours, built from every imaginable material, which can either make a visual feature of your TV or can conceal it out of sight until you want to watch it. 

You can also match your TV to the design of your TV storage unit. For example, if you have a dark TV with a dark frame around it, you can match it up with a dark wooden frame. If it's a sleek and deconstructed design, you can also seek those qualities in your storage unit. 

Alternatively, if you have a silver framed TV, you could match it with a paler unit to make it more in keeping with your space. You may also want to consider your TV as a feature, in which case you may not need a storage unit for it at all, but display it proudly on your wall. Just make sure you find the right storage for all those other bits and pieces that go with it.