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Storage solutions for microspaces photo

Storage solutions for microspaces

Published - 24 Mar 2017
Built in custom-fit wardrobes and storage spaces are the ideal solutions to living small - allowing for a simple, easy-to-maintain way to keep your space serene and clean without making your living space feel more cramped than it needs to be. For spaces with an angled ceiling, recessed spaces or blank walls, there are a wide variety of attractive styles that add colour and character to any room - from the bedroom for clothing storage through to the hallway for outdoor gear.

If you're of the minimalist mindset, matching sliding doors can also be used to contain your book collection or home office odds and ends, tying together your whole home with individual style that conceals all the mess that would otherwise be cluttering up your surfaces and shelves. For keen cooks or bakers, a fitted wardrobe in a kitchen can be the ideal floor-to-ceiling space for storing cake tins, trays or accessories for future use.

For young families, built-in storage in children's rooms also provides a way to have extra floor space for all those messy activities or even room to develop crawling and walking skills. With wardrobes in every style, shade and size to match your child's space, it's simple to stick to a theme without taking up too much space or encouraging a mess. With easy to use, sturdy designs that are safer than standalone furniture, built-in wardrobes are a simple way to introduce a tidying system that can be customised for you and you child's needs.
With a huge variety of modern or minimalist styles available, as well as more traditional effects to seamlessly match existing furniture, you'll never want to look at a space-consuming flimsy standalone wardrobe again. Contact Sliding Wardrobes World today to find out more about making the most of your small spaces.