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Stone cladding has moved into the 21st century thanks to new technology. photo

Stone cladding has moved into the 21st century thanks to new technology.

Published - 19 Aug 2014
Using state-of-the-art aluminium technology, the art of stone cladding has become a modern day success story. What in the past has been a visual form of decorating a room can now be integrated into a functional storage solution anyone’s lifestyle can benefit from.
In the UK, stone veneer has been used successfully for generations and became particularly popular during the 1960’s and 70’s. However, using a layer of stone to cover interior and exterior structures has become increasingly popular in modern built homes.  
Stone cladding uses a variety of natural and artificial stone to provide a new level of texture and colour to a room. Layers of stone are fitted to a wall or existing feature such as a fireplace to draw the eye towards the structure and really make the most of it.
The ability to veneer structures gives architects the freedom to make use of modern materials that are cheap, lightweight, energy efficient and eco-friendly without having to compromise on the finish, because the structure can be clad over. This means the homeowner benefits increased insulation and lower energy bills. 
The latest stone cladding options courtesy of reliable suppliers such Stone Master celebrates the natural look of North America such as, Calgary which evokes the cool Canadian Rocky Mountains and Nebraska for the rugged desert rock of the USA.  Inspired by the Spanish desert landscape of Andalusian, Almeria shows off the European landscape next to Livorno which takes in the calming seaside landscape of Northern Italy. 
But it is not only rock inspired by Mother Nature that is available. Modern brick cladding can be used to emphasise the fashion for loft living that is popular with urban professionals, business people and creatives.
However good it looks, stone cladding can work harder through integration with a newly fitted storage solution system. In the past stone cladding would have been removed to make way for a fitted wardrobe or shelving unit. But with the latest innovation in the Sliding Wardrobes Aluminium column system, shelves, cupboards and hanger bars can all be successfully installed into stone cladding.
The industrial-chic of the Aluminium Column system complements the hard natural look of stone cladding while integrating its function into the rest of the space. The strong structure of the column system means that it makes the most of the weight-bearing properties of the stone and can be used to maximum effect.
Your Sliding Wardrobe designer will be able to meet with you at your home and customise your Aluminium column system around your existing stone cladding. This means you can achieve both the look and functionality you want to achieve while retaining the striking stone cladding feature.
The system can be expanded to include a fitted wardrobe that will maximise the space available, while offering a discrete yet readily accessible space to store clothes, towels and personal items. To unlock the potential of your stone cladding design by incorporating column systems contact your Sliding Wardrobes designer.
By Michael Carroll