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Space-saving wardrobe accessories can help you store your clothes more efficiently photo

Space-saving wardrobe accessories can help you store your clothes more efficiently

Published - 12 Feb 2016
Our sliding wardrobes are ideal storage solutions for more compact homes because they are incredibly space-efficient. However, you may not realise that you can use the space inside your wardrobe even more efficiently by equipping it with the right accessories. Because many of our wardrobes are used to store clothes, we’d like to suggest the perfect combination of wardrobe accessories for storing your clothes with maximum space-efficiency.

1. Hanging rods
A hanging rod is an essential accessory for any wardrobe: it is the perfect way to store clothes without installing a large number of space-consuming shelves. They are particularly useful for storing clothes that don’t fold up very well.

2. Shoe racks
Shoe racks can be installed at the bottom of your wardrobe. Because of the way in which shoe racks hold shoes in an upright position, they allow you to store the maximum amount of footwear in the minimum amount of space. Placing a shoe rack at the bottom of one of our sliding wardrobes is the perfect way to stow all your work shoes, trainers and boots in a single location.

3. Wire baskets
Some clothes can be folded up and stowed in wire baskets that slide in and out of your wardrobe on runners. By folding up shirts, jumpers and T-shirts and storing them in wire baskets, you can reserve your hanging rods for clothes that don’t fold up easily, such as jackets, blazers and coats. This will help keep the hanging rod from becoming overcrowded and untidy.

4. Vertical tie and belt drawer
If you want to keep your ties and belts organised but don’t want to waste space in a wire basket or on a hanging rod, you can always store them in a convenient vertical drawer. This space-saving measure is the final touch to add to the perfect efficient wardrobe.
Here at Sliding Wardrobes World, we understand the importance of making the most of the space available. That’s why our wardrobes are designed to help you save space in your home, and our accessories are designed to help you save space in your wardrobe. By equipping your wardrobe with the accessories we have suggested, you will find it much easier to fit all your clothing into the available area.