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Simple ideas to make your house a dream home photo

Simple ideas to make your house a dream home

Published - 18 May 2016
Do you ever fantasise about owning your dream home one day in the distant future? Why not do your best to upgrade the one you have now? Have a think about these simple ideas for turning your current property into the dream home you've always wanted.


Shine your light
The type of lighting used in a room can change the atmosphere dramatically. Think about the style you want to create. What will complement the fixtures and fittings you already have? Whether it’s old-style luxurious chandeliers, sleek chrome with minimalist appeal, or Moroccan style mosaics, lighting makes a huge difference to a room. Perhaps accent lighting for a particular area or object would create visual interest. There is a wide variety of affordable lighting options available to create the effect you desire.
Make space
Not many people can afford the luxury of a truly spacious home, but there are plenty of ways to make the most of the space you have. For small rooms such as loft conversions, made-to-measure angled ceiling wardrobes are an innovative solution to maximise space. Awkward corners and alcoves can be incorporated into the design, and sliding wardrobe doors can help maximise storage space as well as create clean, elegant lines. Storage beds are another great idea for making the most of a small bedroom.
Furnish with love

Mirrors and glass can bounce light around a room and create reflections that can also help to make a room seem more spacious. Art can be hung in glass frames, a glass coffee table may be a better option than dark wood and strategically placed mirrors can work wonders. 
A few luxury pieces will make a bigger visual impact than lots of unnecessary items. Why not donate old pieces to a local charity and invest in a few select items that will stand the test of time? 
Keep dreaming
The house you live in today may not be your idea of a dream home, but the current trend is to improve rather than move. Now might be the right time to take a few steps towards transforming what you have already into something even better.