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New Lazuryt frame colours for aluminium sliding door system photo

New Lazuryt frame colours for aluminium sliding door system

Published - 04 Oct 2014
The choices customers can make over our sliding door system has been transformed thanks to a tasteful and inspiring new range of colours to our popular aluminium Lazuryt sliding door frames. Where before colours were more limited to natural and wood finishes, now there is a choice of a pure white, a more vintage antique colour, dark and brooding basalt, neutral beige and stylish light grey. 
The Lazuryt sliding door system is already adaptable enough to allow door panel options of laminated and glass in various colours and textures, as well as a mirrored finish, which can all be fitted with the new colours to produce dozens of new variations on the already generous design options available.
Sutton Coldfield-based Sliding Wardrobe World design consultant Arkadiusz Gmitruk explains why this scheme is important: “These new colours will open more possibilities for customers during the design process. A huge part of my job is sitting down with the client with the mission to find the exact product that suits their design needs as well as their personal taste.

“Through the introduction of these new colours, the range of options I can offer has now significantly expanded, which means I can cater for more clients and find them exactly what they want. This is hugely rewarding for the customer and allows my own design standards to increase. For our business this new colour scheme for the Lazuryt door frames are a win-win.”
Existing high-tech features of the Lazuryt system includes an anti-jumping system to prevent doors from misaligning, anti-vibration buffer strips with long and short nap ease vibration to protect from dust build up, a pneumatic mechanism for gentle door closing and ball bearing-fixed rollers for silent and easy door carrying.  This state-of-the-art design is why the system is so popular with customers who want the very best solution while staying within a reasonable budget.
“The ease of fitting of the Lazuryt system means that once we have achieved all the design goals of the client, our team can swiftly move into the space,” says Mr Gmitruk. “The system is fully customisable to each individual and is clever enough for the component parts to slot easily into even the most difficult of spaces.”

“This level of choice combined with intelligent components allows our fitting team to completely transform a living space in a short time – sometimes in a matter of hours. Clients often cannot believe the difference a well thought out storage solution can makes to their lives. This news colour scheme enhances the well-being aspect to the work and only adds to the toolkit we have to bring our customers the satisfaction they deserve.”