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Mirrored sliding wardrobes back in style. photo

Mirrored sliding wardrobes back in style.

Published - 28 Feb 2014
Before you turn your head away and say that mirrors are dated, and need different approach, take a deep breath. It’s not a secret that mirrors add mystery to the room. Mirrors reflect light making spaces brighter and create feel of depth in the room which sometimes is an ideal solution for compact interiors. 
The example in the picture brings this statement to life. Silver mirrors make a room bigger where an oriental feel was achieved by adding decorative horizontal bars and white glass. All wrapped in light Woodline Cream wood which blends in around this modern bedroom.
Below we will try to break the myth and encourage you to reconsider mirrored sliding wardrobes in your home.

Hallway – usually a small and dark space where we dress up before we go out. Just imagine how easy it is to turn this twilight room into bright and spacious place by adding a natural silver mirror. Full-lenght mirrors are great way to look at your-self begore stepping out.

Bedroom – when discussed the enhacement of features we cannot walk-by without considering the use of mirrors. If the room is large and bright enough a brown mirror sliding wardrobe doors will be perfect. Tinted glass will add a lot of warmth much needed in space where we want to feel cozy.

Walk-in wardrobe – there is no better space for the use of mirrors. Walk-in wardrobes combine all we need to get ready. Komandor walk-in wardrobes all have smart storage features such as shoe racks, jewelry drawers, hanging solutions and makeup dresser unit.

There are many other spaces where mirrors can be adopted. Use your imagination and don’t be afraid to bring more of yous-self into your home.