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Living the small life

Published - 06 Dec 2016
As urban and city living is clearly becoming the way of the future, it’s vital that we figure out how to cooperate, organise and store in small spaces. Here are a few storage ideas for those living small life.
Make the most of space under, well, anything!
Under the bed, under the sofa … wherever there is space under something (maybe not a table), it is an opportunity for storage! After measuring the space you have to work with, lidded containers with wheels or vacuum pack storage solutions are ideal for out-of-season clothing, excess décor items and all the other bits that we all manage to accrue over the years!
Wardrobe organisation is a must!
More than anywhere else, small homes or apartments benefit the most from customised storage solutions. The functionality and versatility of a modular wardrobe design means that everything has its place and organisation can not only be achieved but also maintained! 

Go vertical with everything!
Instead of wide, go high with all of your temporary furniture such as dressers and bookcases. A hugely underrated part of a space, height can be your lifesaver when it comes to storage solutions in a small home. A floor-to-ceiling wardrobe is also an ideal way to make the most of a small space and with new technology and design developments, pull-down hangers and other accessories make it every nook and cranny accessible to even the shortest homeowners (like myself)!

Versatile furniture will be your new best friends when you realise the various things you can use them for! A coffee tables with a shelf for storing books, magazines and board games; a bed frame with in-built drawers; and using stylish dressers in unconventional places such as the hallway and living room, are all great storage options.