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Komandor UK and Sliding Wardrobes World

Published - 22 Oct 2014
Located in one of the country’s most desirable places to live, Sutton Coldfield, Sliding Wardrobes World Ltd ( SWW Ltd ) is proud to be one of central England’s most respected and expert custom storage solution consultants.
Thanks to our close partnership with world-leading sliding wardrobe doors manufacturer Komandor UK, we are able to produce bespoke domestic and commercial storage for bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens and bathrooms, as well as commercial venues such as offices, hotel suits and reception areas. 
Incredible products such as trailblazing Komandor fitted corner wardrobes UK, are made available to the British public and private companies because of the links local entrepreneurs in Britain have forged with an international network of custom sliding door and storage designers and suppliers, who are have their headquarters in central Europe.
As a result of this extraordinarily successful association, products like clever angled sliding doors for troublesome spaces, as well as the frosted glass wardrobe doors (with various available finishes) are the kinds of revolutionary new materials that are now available to anyone seeking storage solutions in the West Midlands and beyond.
These solutions are painstakingly designed by the central office of Komandor sliding fitted wardrobe experts and their carefully crafted products are presented fact-to-face to our customers by our friendly interior design consultants, before being swiftly delivered from Komandor’s headquarters in Poland to our local office and fitted often in a matter of hours, or days for large commercial projects, by one of our dedicated teams of carpenters.
Komandor sliding wardrobe doors are one of Poland’s great export success stories. The journey started from humble beginnings in the garage of founder Jacek Kozlowki in 1992, and from there the company was incrementally expanded through a trusted franchise system combined with precision central design and distribution. The first production line was established in 1995 and in 1997 the Polish headquarters of the company was opened.
In just over 20 years the Komandor Company has grown far outside Poland to include 32 countries across Europe, North America, South America and Asia. Now, from the central Komandor factory in Radom, Poland the 5,000 square metre factory produces high-quality goods stored in 10,000 square metres of warehousing for distribution worldwide.
From the assembly line staff who carefully check quality control of the automated factory systems to the creative designers who are constantly innovating to create the latest products with the latest finish, the Komandor family of employees embody the level of teamwork and streamlined collaboration that keeps them satisfying their customers across the world consistently, but often in surprisingly creative ways.
As well as the fully-automated computer operated machine factory, the Radom Headquarters is home to a professional press and marketing office, elite research and design unit, corporate services departments and business planning and strategic hub. It is from here that Komandor founder Jacek Kozlowski’s original vision of a precision approach to customised storage solutions so flexible that it appeals to customers from Brazil in the West all the way to the far reaches of Russia in the East has been successfully realised. 
The key ethic of the company is to provide a full-range of products connected in any way to its wardrobes, from fabric systems and door finishes to intricate design work and an array of fittings in all shapes and sizes. Komandor’s key mission is to understand its customers, both in the moment its representatives are communicating with them and in planning into the future. Through this research the company is able to deliver the level of high-quality, but affordable products that has allowed it to continuously expand. The mantra all Komandor designers adhere to is the importance of products and designs being both functional as well as fashionable.
Paramount to the modern success story is the software interface by which each local interior design consultant can present the huge range of current storage options that are available to customers in a way that is simple enough not to overwhelm the client, but with the flexibility to show the entire range that suits their individual design needs. 
For example, where the Komandor Sliding Wardrobe World interior design consultant has identified a dead awkward area like an alcove that could be utilized in a room, they would recommend a Komandor shallow depth wardrobe is fitted to make maximum use of the space. 
Measurements would be taken, the material, finish and internal storage options would be discussed and a 3D model of how the finished sliding door wardrobe will look like can then be generated for the client, alongside a quote and expected delivery time.
This approach leaves the client with the opportunity to see exactly what they are ordering and gives them the chance to make any adjustments they may require before the order is placed by the Komandor sliding wardrobe expert. A timescale is then agreed and an appointment made for the fitting team to arrive on site, with all materials already cut to size and available to slot together in keeping with the jointly agreed consultant-client plan.  
Because of the universally effective Komandor system that is available in all territories the company operates in, a consistent level of service, availability of products, solutions and customer care - whether a customer is located in Canada, Kuwait or both countries, they can be assured that they will receive a service that is both familiar and of the highest standard.
For Komandor sliding wardrobe customers in the Sutton Coldfield and the surrounding cities and towns in the heart of England, this means that they are only a phone call away from the customisable modern luxury enjoyed by residents of Paris, Moscow, Shanghai and other great world cities at affordable prices.
Interior design consultants Arkadiusz Gmitruk and Norbert Sowa founded Sliding Wardrobes World in 2010.