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Keeping your kids organised with sliding features photo

Keeping your kids organised with sliding features

Published - 16 Sep 2016
Children's bedrooms are inundated with an ever-growing array of miscellaneous 'stuff', and you might find it difficult for them to say goodbye to it. The day to day collection of things is integral to a child's curiosity - they will find interesting items wherever they are, and will make them at school. Each of these items will hold a sentimental value for them.
But storing this expanse of toys, trinkets and projects needn't be stressful for you as a parent, nor disappointing for them as children. With a few additional features, you can allow for children's possessions to be accessible and present, but stored tidily and out of sight.

Sliding wardrobes and bookshelves
A sliding wardrobe or bookshelf can allow for a perfect happy medium between your child's desire to keep and store their belongings and your requirements for them to have a tidy room. By allowing them storage space devoted to it, with sliding doors that close easily and don't allow them to overstuff, you can ensure that the room doesn't look overly messy, and that there are limits imposed. With a range of wardrobes available that can neatly fit with the decor of a room, and hold huge amounts of toys, books or clothes, we can offer bespoke ideas to suit you.

Secret sliding compartments
Speaking of bespoke ideas, what can be more appealing for a child than the idea of a secret compartment? A nice, thick picture frame with a hollow space behind it can be mounted on a sliding system, allowing them to store items that they consider particularly precious or exciting, and at no expense to the storage elsewhere. Children often have the habit or stashing things in awkward places that are inconvenient for parents, or make the room difficult to clean: forward-thinking storage solutions with sliding features are a perfect way for your children's bedrooms to stay both fun and tidy.
With mechanisms that are both neat and innovative, sliding features are the perfect way to stay on top of tidiness and organisation, and can be adapted to suit the needs and aesthetic of your child's bedroom. We can help you to customise your child's room to any requirements, so get in touch with us today.