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Invest in super storage beds from Sliding Wardrobes World photo

Invest in super storage beds from Sliding Wardrobes World

Published - 18 Feb 2016
Once you’ve invested in one of Sliding World’s high quality built-in sliding wardrobes, you’ll no doubt want to complete the look with our furniture range, which is not only stylish but in many cases, full of practical storage space. You may even be surprised at the imaginative ways our bedroom storage ideas maximise the storage opportunities. Even your bed can be a really versatile provider of storage space. We sell three different styles of bed with built-in storage, so you’re bound to find something which will give you the mix of practicality and aesthetic appeal you’re looking for.

Universally popular are traditional divans. Divans can have between one and four drawers built into them, allowing you to organise your stored items however you want, and giving easy access. Simply slide out the drawers when you want access to your items. Being low level storage, they’re a really good idea for children’s rooms too – just pop the toys into the drawers.

Giving you the best of both worlds is an ottoman bed. It looks like a traditionally framed bed, with no obvious drawers or storage anywhere. However, if you look deeper, you’ll find that the mattress is actually sitting on a platform. This platform can be raised, and underneath, you’ll find a hollow space, perfect for storage of spare bedding, pillows, blankets or anything else you might want to hide away. Simply release the clamps and lower the platform down onto the bed frame when everything is tidied away, and nobody except you will know the bed’s storage secret.

Why not look at one of our customisable hotel style beds, with drawers built into the headboard? Because they’re affixed to the headboard, and not reliant on the floor, these drawers can be elevated from ground level, making vacuuming really easy. We could even combine a headboard with built-in storage with a divan with drawers, or an ottoman style bed. 
Remember that we pride ourselves on custom made items, to fit your specifications. Whatever you’re imagining for your bedroom furniture, we can bring it to life for you.