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How to keep clothes static-free this autumn photo

How to keep clothes static-free this autumn

Published - 10 Sep 2014
As summer turns to autumn, it's no surprise that the temperature will start to drop and the weather will start to get worse. It's bad enough that we have to break out a warmer wardrobe, but we have another problem too: static.
Cooler air is often less humid, and it is this drop in humidity that increases the level of static in the air. This static can become trapped in your clothes, giving you static shocks from time to time - and also potentially giving you crazy static hair.
Luckily, there are plenty of things you can do to help keep clothes static-free. Whether you opt for chemical treatments, smart storage or any of our other handy tips, you're sure to be able to banish the problem this autumn.
--Change the fabrics that you wear--
Rubber-soled shoes and many synthetic fabrics actually accumulate charge: switch to something more natural to avoid the risk of static. 100% cotton clothes will remain static-free, and leather soled shoes will not store charge.
--Your beauty regime can help--
When in doubt, moisturise. It may seem like a strange solution, but simply applying body lotion before you get dressed could help to avoid the build up of static electricity. It is the moisture in the body lotion that combats the charge, keeping you static-free.
It might seem surprising, but baby powder can also achieve the same result when applied to the skin before dressing.
--Keep the air moist--
How dry is your bedroom? If your clothes are stored in a room that has no humidity, then the chance of static is higher. Try using a humidifier to keep the air in your room a little moist, and open any sliding wardrobe doors to expose your clothes to this humidity. 
If this isn't possible, spray clothes with a fine mist of water before putting them on. This will remove the static electricity, meaning that your clothes will hang normally and there will be no nasty shock.
--Chemical solutions--
If you want to resort to chemicals to combat static, then there are antistatic sprays on the market that you can either use at home or take with you when you're on the move. You'll also be able to find antistatic laundry liquids that claim to help to minimise the problem.
--Other solutions--
Invest in some dryer sheets, if you don't already use them in your tumble dryer. Dryer sheets are designed to help to protect against the static electricity that is built up by the heat of the tumble dryer - and you can also rub them over your outfit when getting dressed to reduce the problem.
If your hair suffers from the accumulation of static electricity, switch your conditioner and styling products. Silicone-based products will coat your hair in a thin layer of silicon, which protects it against static. You may also find that switching to a brush that has natural bristles rather than manmade fibres will reduce the problem. 
There are plenty of ways in which to stay static-free this autumn - your job is simply working out which one is right for you...