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How to choose the right colour for your bedroom photo

How to choose the right colour for your bedroom

Published - 12 Jul 2016
When it comes to interior design, there are few rooms more important than the bedroom. It is a place of comfort and rest, your very own retreat, so how do you get your colour scheme just right? Read our colour selection tips to help you make up your mind.

Often associated with love and passion, it could be perceived as the ideal bed fellow but red has a dark side which conjures up strong emotions such as anger and danger. It isn't an ideal bedroom colour, suiting dining and sitting rooms much better. If you are determined to be bold in the bedroom, use red on a statement wall.
There are pink lovers and haters but this soft colour has long been a favourite for the bedroom. There are many shades of pink to choose from so there will be one that works for you. Pink tones well with grey, purples and whites so your bedroom could soon be transformed with a look that feels very grown-up.
Not a popular bedroom choice and for very good reason, orange could keep you awake at night. It will also make your room appear smaller than it actually is. This is a colour best kept to other rooms in the house.

Cool and calming green is a bedroom favourite. Representing nature and the environment, it transports us to a place where we feel relaxed. Keep the shade soft to get the right effect and you should sleep soundly.

Some are surprised that blue is a great bedroom colour. It is calming and soothing with associations of water and the sky. Bring the outside indoors with this very cool option.

Not many people look at black for a bedroom although teenagers seem to like it. Black doesn't reflect, so won't bounce light around your room. If you are set on injecting a bit of drama, use black accents and accessories instead of fully painted walls.
Whatever colour you decide works best for you, we have the ideal bedroom storage solutions to complement your choices. We provide a wide range of colour options for matching wardrobes, vanity units, night tables and storage units, using laminated panels, glass or spray finishes.