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How sliding door storage solutions can improve every room in your home photo

How sliding door storage solutions can improve every room in your home

Published - 12 Dec 2015
Clean, minimalist aesthetics are very fashionable among today’s home-owners. Having a home that looks modern, uncluttered and spacious is, of course, very desirable. However, it’s not always easy for home-owners to cultivate this aesthetic: the layout of a room, the amount of stuff that needs to be stored there and the size of the house as a whole can all be obstacles to giving a home the coveted minimalist look. Luckily, sliding storage solutions can help make almost every room in your home look more spacious.
Wardrobes with sliding doors are a great way to store your clothes without having to use traditional wardrobes with doors that swing outwards. Traditional wardrobes often fit poorly into the space available for them and can be overly large and imposing. In contrast, sliding door wardrobes seem neater and more discreet, simply because their doors open in a way that requires the minimum amount of space. You could also opt to install a fitted sliding door wardrobe, which would be made to fit exactly into the space available.

The kitchen
Incorporating sliding doors into your kitchen storage can change how you use the kitchen and create a greater sense of spacious neatness. Sliding doors have a smooth, efficient aesthetic that can contribute to your home’s minimalist look. What’s more, when you are using your kitchen, you may need to leave cupboard doors open to retrieve ingredients or cooking equipment. If your cupboard doors open outwards, they will extrude into your work area and take up valuable room - sliding doors don’t, so they won’t reduce your work area while you’re using your kitchen.

The bathrooms
The bathroom is usually the smallest room in any home. It therefore doesn’t make sense to use bulky, oversized storage in a bathroom. Whether you want a cupboard for fresh towels or a medicine cabinet, it’s best to opt for a fitted storage solution that uses sliding doors, as these take up the minimum amount of space. The sliding doors can also be mirrored in order to make the small room appear larger and more spacious.

The living room
If you need storage in your living room, why not opt for a fitted sliding door cupboard? If your living room is reasonably large, you may wish to have a bigger storage solution fitted. It will still appear discreet because of the way the doors open and because it will be fitted perfectly into the available space, and it may be big enough to store everything you need to store in the living room. This may allow you to get rid of multiple smaller storage units that could be causing clutter.
Because they are space-efficient and stylish, sliding doors can be used to create a neat, minimalist look for any room in your home. Get in touch with us today to find out more.