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How a contemporary living room design led to a very happy customer photo

How a contemporary living room design led to a very happy customer

Published - 21 May 2014
Here at Sliding Wardrobes World, we often use a John Lennon quote when talking to new customers who are not quite sure if we can deliver what they imagine. He said: “There are no problems, only solutions”. It would also be possible to add a touch of Steve Jobs: “Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.”
We took these two quotes as our mantra as we went to work on an exciting project for a brand new customer – the results of which you can see here. In fact, this is just part of a larger story that involved the delivery of three new bedroom designs as well. Concentrating on the creation of a lounge in the requested style, our customer wanted a design that could be said to be “on the edge”. 
From an initial reaction to ongoing satisfaction


When people walk into a room for the first time, they often say “Oh”. For this customer we wanted to aim for the “Oh!” factor with that exclamation mark in place. Our customer wanted the senses to be engaged as well as the interest, while still delivering the functionality and storage options required in any main room of a home.
Our canvass was a wall of around four meters across. Our tools were a series of individual bespoke creations which then would merge into a cohesive whole. Our use of Proform 3D panels saw the idea presented in a way that would match with a high gloss finish and chosen furniture options.

Functionality was required as well. We had to allow simple connectivity and positioning for television, Sky satellite system, a Blu-Ray player and all other media that forms an increasingly vital part of today’s inter-connected world.
The customer response

Of course, like any work we undertake, we are slightly nervous when the customer first appraises the finished article. Thankfully, just like our previous work, the feedback was thoroughly positive. One point that especially pleased this customer was the speed with which we had completed the entire project. If you are keen to start living in the new space that has been created for you, you’ll easily appreciate a quick completion. Provided, the craftsmanship is of absolutely the highest standard.