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Get inspired by our graphic range of sliding wardrobe doors photo

Get inspired by our graphic range of sliding wardrobe doors

Published - 29 Jan 2015
We organise all our fitted furniture around you, so you can make the most of whatever storage space you have in your bedroom. Our expert, highly creative team is here to help you as you choose from our wide range of modern sliding door wardrobes. So, when it comes to all your storage problems, however tricky they may seem at first, we take a truly inventive approach, and devise ingenious solutions. We don’t just follow trends within the sliding wardrobes industry – we're known for making them! 

But at the same time, we keep your needs, comfort, and, crucially, budget, firmly in mind from the outset. At the same time, we can offer you a range of door fillers and inserts to lift your wardrobes, and by extension your whole bedroom, out of the ordinary. 

In particular, we have a new line of ArtGlass Film – a graphic which is printed on PVC and then permanently stuck on to glass. This provides a totally new way to transform any interior, whether you have a sliding, hinged or bi-folding door system on your wardrobes. So far, they've proved extremely popular with our customers. 

What’s more, we’re increasing our available selection of graphics all the time, so that there is now a huge number of different images from which you can take your pick. You can choose from cityscapes (like the Manhattan skyline and icons like the Eiffel Tower), landscapes, floral designs, abstract graphics, and varied textures. 

Take a closer look at our range of images - we have a footballer in mid-kick, which any soccer-mad youngster will love. There are also leafy, green bamboo shoots, complete with life-like raindrops that look good enough to eat! Meanwhile, a teenager or student might love our striking yet tasteful graffiti design in greys, yellows and greens. 

Our floral designs range from brightly coloured pinks and reds to more subtle shades. Our Flowers Full graphic exquisitely combines delicate shades with stronger hues. You could also choose to have something more abstract than life-like blooms. Which design would look best in your home? 

Our sliding door wardrobes don’t just have to go in your bedroom either! We also have models that will look great, and be extremely useful for storage, in bathrooms and sitting rooms as well. 
As well as enhancing the overall look of your room, the graphic acts as a safety back film for the glass and can prevent any cracks by securing the glass firmly within the frame. 
Prefer not to have a picture? We also offer inserts in varied materials, like bamboo, rattan, frosted or Colorimo glass, melamine boards and the like. Or simply have a mirrored door – the choice is yours! 
We really do believe there are no problems, just solutions. Start the process of transforming your home today by booking your free design visit from a knowledgeable member of our team.

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