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Published - 30 Nov 2016
Organising your wardrobe is one of those jobs that comes with a variety of emotions. There’s the initial inspiration and craving for a clean slate, followed by the dread of sifting through thousands of pieces of clothing. Then there comes the guilt as you discover the numerous pieces that still have their tags attached, and then the sorrow that overwhelms you as you turn around to see overflowing garbage bags have taken over your bedroom floor.
I can’t say that these feelings won’t be felt, however I can promise that you’ll feel lighter and more organised, and your room will appear cleaner at the end of it! Before you dig in, here’s a compilation of inspirational images that will keep you going through the darkest of times! Good luck!
This is a column system walk-in wardrobe that offers the best of everything, including plenty of hanging space as well as drawers and shelving. Installation available from Sliding Wardrobes World.

For the white addicts, a contrasting wardrobe material will inspire you to keep it looking organised and therefore beautiful! 

Organisation is not only needed in the bedroom. Sliding wardrobes in the living areas should also be attended to on a regular basis. Colour coordination is a lifesaver and will make even mildly unorganised wardrobes look appealing.  

Sliding wardrobe available from Sliding Wardrobes World.
In modern wardrobe designs, there is a space for everything! From shoe racks to belt and trouser hangers, modern bedroom storage solutions are ideal for organisation! 

Kids have so many clothes and toys that it’s very easy to just shove it all in the wardrobe and close the door quickly! Get your kids involved in tidying their bedroom; you can even make it a game! Labelling shelves and drawers is also a great way to encourage them to put things back in the correct place.