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From hall of shame to clutter-free haven! photo

From hall of shame to clutter-free haven!

Published - 21 Jan 2016
The hallway, as the entrance to your home, is the area which makes the first impression on friends and family coming to visit. It should be an inviting haven of space and light, with fresh colours and clean lines. Too often, however, the hallway is a clutter-magnet, an area people dump things in on their way to another room. Shoes, coats, bags, keys and umbrellas are all items that need to be stored in a hallway but finding space to fit a chest of drawers or coat stand can be a challenge. Here we show you some ingenious, space-saving ways to transform your hallway from hall of shame to clutter-free haven!

Use the space you have
Before you plan adding items of furniture, ensure you have first used all the space available to you. The large space under most stairwells is a perfect area in which to create a cupboard or hallway wardrobe. With custom-made sliding door storage solutions, for instance, you can have a design that will fully maximise the space, including hooks for coats, shelves for shoes and alcove space for bags and umbrellas.

Separate fitted sliding wardrobes
In a larger hall, consider installing a fitted sliding wardrobe, which is a sleek way to hide all of your hallway clutter. Shoes are a particular issue in many homes as there will be multiple pairs plus boots, wellingtons and sports shoes for each member of the family. A fitted wardrobe can be custom-made to accommodate chests of drawers and shoe-changing cabinets, which allows quick access to your belongings and a hallway free of jumble.

Key hooks
Keys are often thrown onto the floor or the stairs when we come in from work. Make sure you can always locate them by adding key hooks to your understairs cupboard or hallway wardrobe. This will also ensure that your keys are secure and hidden away.

Keep your post tidy
Another problem in many hallways is knowing where to put your post before you get around to opening it. Consider fitting a small slimline console table or radiator cover, on which you can collect your mail and keep it tidy. 
Stay organised!
Finally, a great tip for keeping your hallway clutter-free is a very simple one: arrange your belongings by season in your bedroom wardrobes and only have down the items you will need. Don't use valuable space filling your shoe storage with flip-flops in the winter!