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Four of the best spring cleaning tips photo

Four of the best spring cleaning tips

Published - 14 Mar 2016
There's something about the days getting longer and flowers starting to bloom that makes us just itch to start on a proper spring clean of our homes - we've got four top tips for the best spring clean ever:

Team-work makes the dream work...
If you live with a partner or have kids, don't be a martyr to keeping your home clean, get them involved too. Not only will it lighten your burden, but they're also less likely to make a mess if they know how much hard work went in to getting it clean in the first place. You might need some kind of reward system for kids - like a takeaway for tea - if they help! 
Chuck it out
There's only so much you can tidy clutter before some of it needs to go, whether it's an excessive shoe collection or loads of old vinyl records. Your house will feel so much bigger after even just a few bin bags of stuff have gone to the charity shop. Try to get kids to operate a one-in, one-out policy with toys.


Love your storage solutions
Out of sight is certainly out of mind when it comes to mess, so storage solutions are your friend. Buy some under-bed storage boxes for kids' rooms and invest in extra wardrobe storage if your clothes are bursting out of your current one. Use baskets to store blankets, remotes and other paraphernalia in your living room and your home could be feeling more streamlined in days.

Don't do it by halves
They say that if a job is worth doing, it's worth doing right, and that certainly applies to spring cleaning. It might take an extra few minutes to hoover under the sofa, but the chances are you only do a big deep clean once or twice a year, so do it properly. As well as the satisfaction of a job well done, you could prevent the damage that a build-up of grime can do to your home and help it to retain value.