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Five design elements of a modern home photo

Five design elements of a modern home

Published - 02 Aug 2016
Whether you are building a new home, planning extensive renovations or thinking about giving your existing home a minor face-lift, modern design is a very popular choice among today’s homeowners. From neutral colours to clean lines and seamless integration, modern design embraces minimalist, accessory-free spaces, raw materials and a serene lifestyle. If this sounds like everything you’ve ever dreamed of, here are 5 simple ways to achieve it!

Fitted wardrobes
Modern design involves maintaining clean, simple lines throughout your home. Installing floor-to-ceiling sliding wardrobes in your bedroom, hallway or living area is a great way to hide all the mess and enhance the room’s ceiling height to make the room seem even bigger. Customisable finishes for your new sliding wardrobe doors are also a great way to “hide” your storage solution by matching them to the surrounding walls. 

Neutral colours
Modern design always uses a colour scheme of white and neutrals. On top of this, you can add bold, contrasting accents in colours such as black, green, blue or red. This could include a large black mirror or rich, blue artwork. Be sure to not overuse colour though, as simplicity in modern design is what maintains its balance.

Kitchen storage
Kitchens are an area of the home which can very easily get messy and cluttered. In a modern home, ample amounts of kitchen storage will give you plenty of space to put all of your utensils and appliances away and out of sight. Remember, modern design is all about minimal, accessory-free spaces, so clean countertops and built-in kitchen storage works perfectly in this style of home.

Natural materials
Modern design likes to emphasize the raw, natural state of materials. Surfaces such as polished concrete floors, gold decorative pieces, marble countertops and reclaimed wood furniture maintain the simple and sustainable concepts of modern design.

‘Put 3 in, take 1 out’ rule
Particularly when it comes to furniture and decor, this rule can come in very handy. Furniture is placed in a modern home to serve a purpose and usually boasts smooth and polished surfaces. When decorating your interior or even a bedside table or bookshelf, use this rule to maintain simplicity and an overall modern aesthetic.