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Decorating your child's room before they go back to school photo

Decorating your child's room before they go back to school

Published - 23 Aug 2016
The summer holidays have only just begun but it won't be long until the kids are back in the classroom. The next few weeks are a great time to design your child’s bedroom and get it set up before their next year at school. Here are some things you may want to think about before getting started:

Rooms can be practical both now and in the future
Children’s bedrooms can often be overflowing with an array of toys. As a great means of storage, consider installing a wardrobe with a divided interior. This means that it can safety store all the toys for now, while in later years it can also be used to store clothes. You’ll find there’s no need to worry about changing the wardrobe when your little one gets a bit older.
A room can be great for learning 
It’s possible to make your kid’s room a place where they can have fun and learn. Opting for a desk can help them concentrate while catching up on homework. Meanwhile, a bookshelf will be great for storing all the books they will be bringing home from school. It will also encourage them to flick through a story rather than glue themselves to the television. 

Your child might have ideas too
Children aren’t exactly known for their interior design skills. But that doesn’t mean they can’t have a say in how their room turns out. Kids’ bedrooms can be decorated with exciting patterns and bright colour schemes, so it can’t hurt to ask your young one what they want. Getting children involved in the decorating won’t just make them feel included, but will also lead to a room that reflects their unique personality. One thing is for certain, a room will never be boring when a child has had their say.

The world is your oyster
Parents have more options than ever when it comes to decorating their child’s bedroom. It’s just about choosing what’s right for your kid and making their room a place where they can both learn and play. The summer holidays will have come and gone before you realise, so now is the best time to get set up for September.