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Custom made wardrobes, and other ways to upscale your house  photo

Custom made wardrobes, and other ways to upscale your house

Published - 25 May 2016
There are a number of things you can do to upscale your property. Some, of course, are more drastic and expensive than others. So it’s important you carefully weigh up the pros and cons of each option before taking the plunge.

Install a custom made sliding wardrobe
Tired of stuffing clothes into a creaky, old wardrobe, or stumbling over discarded shoes? Maybe it’s about time you talked to us about getting some more storage. At Sliding Wardrobes World, we’ll make a sliding wardrobe to your specifications. All you have to do is choose the style and size and we’ll do the rest. 

Convert your loft 
If your loft is suitable, this is perhaps the easiest way to add significant value to your house. It may involve strengthening the joists or repositioning a water tank, but if you do it right, it could add up to 10% to your property.
Build an extension
Deciding on what to extend depends on your reasons for doing it, and whether you’re likely to get planning permission. This is why it’s impossible to put a figure on how much it’s going to cost and how much it will add. However, an extension done well, which fits in with the character of the house and surrounding properties, can be a selling point for future buyers.
Build a conservatory
There’s an upside and downside to building a conservatory - more indoor space, but less garden. If you’ve already got a huge garden, this may not matter but homeowners with smaller gardens should take this into account. If you do go for it, you may not even need planning permission if it’s under a specified size limit. The price will vary depending on how big it is, but expect to pay at least £5,000 for a smaller conservatory.
If money’s a bit tight, or you’re not willing to put up with the disruption a major build brings with it, you can choose to redecorate, one room at a time. A sympathetic colour scheme, some new bits of furniture or even just a new rug can freshen up any room.