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Creative ways to have a sliding door wardrobe in your bedroom photo

Creative ways to have a sliding door wardrobe in your bedroom

Published - 28 Oct 2015
When it comes to creating a convenient bedroom storage solution for your home, nothing matches the luxurious elegance of a sliding door wardrobe. Intricately designed in a range of stunning finishes, a sliding wardrobe can blend effortlessly into the background, or act as the centrepiece of your room. 
Indeed, the design possibilities of a sliding wardrobe are only limited by your imagination. If you have a taste for quirky interior design, you might consider any of the following creative ways to get even more value out of your wardrobe. 

  • Mirrored doors
If space in your bedroom is at a premium, you'll be amazed at the difference installing mirrored panels on the door could make in opening out the room, creating the feeling of a larger, brighter and more welcoming environment. It's also a handy way to combine two essential bedroom utilities in one, another great way to save space.

  • Wall coverings
If your bedroom is adorned with beautiful, stylish wallpaper, why not add a matching pattern to your wardrobe for a quirky, fashion-forward appearance? Try to avoid anything too busy - simple patterns and bold, striking colours tend to have the best effect.

  • Child-friendly chalkboard
If you're decorating for a children's bedroom, you'll probably be aware the kids like to get creative - sometimes a little too creative if their crayons and paints end up on your furniture! Turning the doors of the wardrobe into a chalkboard or whiteboard is a great way to foster their creativity and transform your sliding door wardrobe into an active feature of your child's bedroom.

  • Graphic print
Another great option for children's bedrooms - but one that can easily be applied in your own too - is to incorporate a graphic print such as ArtGlass Film - in which a graphic or artwork of your choice is printed on PVC and bonded with glass. 
You can choose from simple designs to detailed artistic renderings, imposing more of your own personality onto the room, and create an eye-catching feature that guests will just love. 

  • Proform Panelling
A bespoke 3D design that can be seamlessly applied to your wardrobe doors and many other bedroom features - such as individual doors, radiator covers and wall or ceiling cladding - Proform panelling allows you to add real depth to your bedroom. Machine-grooved MDF boards are heat-wrapped in PVC film for a uniquely rich, textured look and feel. You can choose from a variety of patterns and colours to put your own stamp on the design and create an effect that really stands out. 
Whatever your dream bedroom wardrobe looks like, at Sliding Wardrobes World we'll do our very best to facilitate it. For more information and advice, call us today on 0121 386 59 06 or email our team today.