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Create the illusion of space in a small home  photo

Create the illusion of space in a small home

Published - 24 Nov 2015
In an ideal world we'd all live in mansions with all the space in the world to live, sleep, play and store all of our stuff - but for many of us, the house we're in never quite feels big enough. Luckily, there are some quick and easy interior decorating tips you can take to make the most of your space - and they're much cheaper than buying a new house!
Light and airy
A light room always feels bigger than a dark one, so keep your interior decor light and breezy. Very light pastel shades, whites and creams on the walls will help any room to feel larger than it is, and if you continue that theme into the furniture and decor you can build on that effect.

Out of sight, out of mind
When space is at a premium, storage solutions have to be top notch, and keeping as much clutter out of sight as possible will make your rooms feel bigger. Look at under bed storage options and avoid storing too much on shelves, which can look messy and busy very easily.


Fitted wardrobes can help to make the lines of the room feel cleaner and help it to feel larger; choose mirrored doors for a wardrobe that takes up most of a wall and the optical illusion it creates could help the room feel almost twice as big.
Built in wardrobes also provide a very easy solution for hiding clutter - just make sure they don't become too messy either!
Mirror me
Speaking of mirrors, these can help to open up almost any space you can think of and they're pretty useful to have around too, whether it's an extra slick of lippy in the hall on the way out the door, or putting your hair up before you start cooking in the kitchen.
If you're looking for storage solutions and furniture to help you make the most of a small home, get in touch today to take advantage of our professional help and advice on all things furniture!