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Create a stylish and efficient kitchen space with bespoke storage photo

Create a stylish and efficient kitchen space with bespoke storage

Published - 04 Feb 2016
The kitchen is the hub of any home and often the owner's pride and joy, a place where you can put your own style and ideas into practise after years of renting. As it's a room to be used daily, it's important to make the most of the space so that it's ideal for families to prepare food and sit down for quality meal times. If you like to host, it also has to be a space where it's easy to hide all of the 'behind the scenes' tools that can look a little messy. If your kitchen isn't huge, this can seem like an impossible challenge. So, what's the answer? Simply invest in kitchen storage that works for you, where cabinets and drawer organisers unique to you can be enjoyed, and which you've even helped design.

Made to your requirements:
When you shop for kitchen enhancements and storage solutions, it's easy to be disheartened by standard designs that are practical, but not right for your space. Don't be tempted to settle as it's important that your kitchen is right for you and looks great for entertaining. When you get drawers, cupboards and sliding doors commissioned, you control the final results and don't have to settle for second best. Imagine having storage that sticks, is hard to open or is placed inconveniently in your kitchen; it might be bearable for a few days, but not over months and years, which is how long a kitchen refurbishment should last. 

Achieving ergonomic bliss:
The kitchen is a busy, sometimes frantic place where you have untold numbers of utensils and cooking equipment for different seasons and tastes. 
Ideally, you want everything to have it's own location and for all items to be easily discovered and conveniently placed for quick food preparation. This makes hosting dinner parties and getting dinner ready in time for young mouths more manageable. This enviable kitchen design can be created with well organised cupboards, corner cabinets, sliding door storage solutions for easy access and modern rotor baskets. Not only will your kitchen life be vastly improved, you'll also make the neighbours jealous and want to spend more time in your kitchen to enjoy the benefits.

Quality finishes
To get the stylish look you want, invest in trusted brands like Komandor and Hettich. Our team can help you achieve a look that's durable and modern, without compromising efficiency of use. Sliding doors are available in a range of materials, colours and bespoke sizes to better accentuate your space and can be designed to keep them with the atmosphere and feel of your entire household. Whether you want something quirky, modern, rustic or totally unique, Sliding World can cater to your tastes and design the perfect kitchen storage to make the most important room in your house even easier and appealing to use. As you're in the kitchen several times a day, why wait?