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Why you should consider a built-in sliding door office solution photo

Why you should consider a built-in sliding door office solution

Published - 03 May 2016
Many of us don't have the luxury of an extra room in the home that can be used exclusively as an office, and we don't relish the idea of wires, computer peripherals and documents sitting in the corner of a room.
There is a solution to this if you have a free area within an existing room, and that's to install a sliding door wardrobe or walk-in wardrobe and use it as a small office. A sliding door won't create any space issues within the existing room, and when not working, you simply slide the door shut and it's like the office isn't there any more.
Create your sliding door office wardrobe just about anywhere there is a nook or space free in your home, as all our wardrobes are custom made to your specifications.
There are some important considerations to mull over before proceeding with your project...

Though this solution is intended for those with limited space, you're still going to need sufficient depth in the wardrobe to take a desk and office equipment such as a computer, printer and storage — you may need to factor in space for filing cabinets. If you need to be able to tuck the office chair in there and shut the door on it when you're not working, you're going to need to account for that extra depth.
The vital components of most offices nowadays are electrical in nature; you'll need to be able to plug in your computer, printer and any other equipment. Don't forget that you'll need a light source in there too. Arrange for an electrician to visit and install proper electrical sockets and lighting in the office space.
You can almost view the inside of your wardrobe office as a different room - it certainly doesn't need to look like the inside of a wardrobe, and it doesn't have to match the style of the room it sits in. Create an inspiring space with colourful accents and personal touches, and you'll soon see your productivity boosted.