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Choosing the right sliding wardrobe for your home photo

Choosing the right sliding wardrobe for your home

Published - 02 Dec 2015
Sliding wardrobes are most commonly associated with homes with sleek, modern aesthetics. However, they can actually be incorporated into any style of home. Here at Sliding Wardrobes World, we offer wardrobes in a wide variety of materials and designs, so you’re sure to find one that will suit your home’s particular look. But which material goes best with each style of home?

Traditional homes
Homes whose décor is defined by traditional, highly-cultured sensibilities often use a lot of dark woods and richly-coloured polished surfaces. So sliding wardrobes made of polished dark–hued woods can be integrated seamlessly into this style of home. In fact, wardrobes with sliding doors are perfectly suited to homes with a traditional style because they are compact and discreet - they are evocative of refinement and restraint.

Rustic homes
Rustic homes are notable for their warm colour schemes, rough-hewn wooden surfaces and slightly eclectic decoration, all of which contribute to creating a welcoming, down-to-earth atmosphere. The simple practicality of sliding wardrobes means that they can be incorporated into rustic homes with ease. Sliding doors in rustic homes should be made of lighter-hued woods or painted in warm colours in order to fit in with the inviting aesthetic.

Modern homes
Homes with a modern sense of style are sleek, minimalist and stylish. They are designed to look spacious and cool. Sliding wardrobes are naturally suitable for this type of home because they are efficient and are designed to fit neatly into their environment. Sliding wardrobes with glass doors or mirrored doors are particularly well-suited to modern homes, however. These materials complement the clean, smooth look of a modern home and accentuate its spaciousness.

Contemporary homes
Contemporary homes are as spacious and sleek as modern homes but often use unusual design features and bright colours to create a more playful, light-hearted look. So we recommend graphic or Proform for sliding wardrobes in contemporary homes.
Every home (including yours) can benefit from a stylish sliding wardrobe - you just have to pick a material and design that matches your home’s overall look. Whether you inhabit a welcoming rustic home or a spacious modern flat, you’re certain to find the perfect wardrobe for you here at Sliding Wardrobes World, just get in touch!